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FAQ's About Affordable Jet Ski Rentals for San Clemente

How old must you be to operate a jet ski?
Operators must be 16 yrs or older and passengers can be of any age.

Can you start a jet ski on land?
Yes, in fact Seadoo recommend it as part of the clean down process. Once you bring it out of the water, you need to run it for about 90 seconds to clear any water out of  the system. Once the water stops coming out (from the back) you stop the engine. It's the same when you clean it at home. Start the motor, then turn on the tap, flush for 2 minutes, turn off the water, when the water stops spilling out the back stop the motor.
- from Quora

Can you Jet Ski with Glasses on?
You can but your regular eyeglasses probably don't really protect you from the high wind you'll get with the speed and you'll get a lot of splash off the water so the water can easily get into your eyes.  Also, if you do happen to fall of, you could end up losing the glasses and if you then needed to drive home, etc. you would be completely out of luck.  If you wear a strap, I suggest a floating strap because if they fall off, they will sink pretty fast.  A bright colored floating strap will help float them and make it easier to find in the water when you are blind.

As an alternative, I suggest a pair of specialty sports sunglasses made with your prescription.  This way you can leave your regular glasses in your car just in case. The sport sunglasses will protect from the wind so your eyes don't tear and they'll have 100% UV protection. You can also get ones with seals to keep most of the water out. You can even get polarized to help with the extra glare you get off the water.  Again, I would suggest ones with a floating strap to prevent help prevent you from  losing them.
- from Quora

How much does an affordable jet ski cost?
A used jet ski could cost $8-10K, they go a long way on a gallon of gas, like motorcycles, trailers are not to bad, like $1-2K used, storage is not bad, as it can fit in a small spot...typically $100-150/mn at a storage unit. (we pay $50 for a unit large enough to fit a 22' boat, but we live i the south. repairs and maintenance could be any where on the to budget $200-500/year...resale? just search CL or ebay to see what something goes for.
- from Quora

What's the #1 thing I should consider when renting a jet ski?
The #1 thing you should consider is what is the weather like?  San Clemente and Dana Point offer beautiful weather year round. The natural habit overflows with an plenty of wildlife as you are right on the coastline. Seals, pelicans, dolphins, and whales pop up from time to time. Bring a waterproof camera to take some amazing photos while you are out riding.

What is an example of a Jet Ski you can rent?
Answer: Rent the Kawasaki STX15F 1500cc, Sit-Down Watercraft 1-3 Passengers. This powerful jet ski is on the water, ready to go when you are. All our jet skis are quiet and clean 4 stroke models and are the most powerful models you will find in any rental fleet. We replace them with new units to ensure safety and reliability. It’s what we do. All renters must take part in a pre-launch instructional safety briefing.

FAQ's Jet Ski Rentals San Clemente

FAQ'S for Affordable Jet Ski Rentals for San Clemente

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FAQ's Jet Ski Rentals San Clemente

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